for Courageous Change

Systemic challenges require systemic approaches. It requires grappling with our differences and bridging seemingly impossible divides, bringing together diverse experiences and disciplines to imagine anew, and moving from big visions to concrete actions. But this work isn’t easy—it’s messy, complex, human work.

Our work.

Reframe issues by examining past and present inequities, and surfacing new opportunities for transformation.

Work with us to examine the roots of current social and political challenges, and identify new opportunities for structural intervention. Using a blend of research approaches—ethnographic, quantitative, and political economy—we interrogate the historical drivers and present-day manifestations of complex challenges. We support communities in building a holistic understanding of the challenges, having difficult but necessary conversations on how to address them, and map opportunities to interrupt cycles of harm.

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Reimagine possibilities through new perspectives, and co-create interventions beside those with most at stake.

Work with us to design and facilitate multistakeholder gatherings, build coalitions and communities of practice, and drive courageous interdisciplinary collaboration. We help convene diverse actors—activists, governments, civil society, and companies—to reimagine our world. Our approach centers those with lived experience, addresses power imbalances, and supports healthy conflict. We draw on practices from design, arts and culture, and political advocacy to expand imaginations, and to craft roadmaps toward the world we want.

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Remake policies, programs, and services to tackle root challenges and ensure forward solutions are just.

Work with us to assess and refine existing policies, programs, and services—or to design new initiatives. We systematically examine the human realities, institutional processes, and political dynamics that determine the equity or success of any effort—and pinpoint creative, actionable ways to address identified challenges. We help partners (re)design policies, programs, and services to deliver for all critical stakeholders—community members and institutional leaders alike.

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Reorient the organizational compass, processes, and culture to deliver on aspirations and commitments.

Work with us to develop or update strategies and implementation roadmaps. We approach strategic planning by considering how your organization fits into your wider ecosystem, your ambitions, and your unique strengths and limitations—the best strategies sit at the intersection of the three. Beyond having a theory of change, we recognize the hard work it takes to turn ambition into action at scale. We help you navigate institutional structures, embedded norms, and political dynamics to develop thoughtful implementation roadmaps with wide buy-in.

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Our partners.

We work alongside changemakers who hail from diverse countries, cultures, sectors, and worldviews. They include community groups, activists, movements, academics, foundations, businesses, governments, and international agencies. The common thread between them? A commitment to structural change.

I worked with the Reboot team on numerous projects between 2017-2019; ranging from the development of user research tools that are frequently cited as an innovation resource in open data circles, to an engagement in a thought leadership opportunity at the first-ever SXSW Cities Summit, to the development of a ten-year strategic plan for NYC’s Open Data Program, co-designed with 50 stakeholders across local government, nonprofits, advocacy groups, data scientists, and startups. If you’re looking for tangible results, honest dialogue, and facilitators who can bring a community's creative ambitions to the forefront, Reboot is your team.

Adrienne Schmoeker

Former Director of Civic Engagement & Strategy and Deputy Chief Analytics Officer, City of New York

I count on Reboot for thorough and nuanced research, stellar facilitation that brings together diverse actors across divides, and designs and implementation roadmaps that are ambitious and thoughtful. The team has gone above and beyond in our collaborations together, including for Luminate's first-ever investment to stand up a new media lab in Kenya. They are true allies in our work.

Stan Getui

Principal, Luminate