Mohammed Maikudi

Program Manager

Mohammed is Reboot’s expert technologist, working at the intersection of civic and technological innovations. As a Program Manager in our West Africa Office, he leads the design of solutions to improve government accountability through technology and drives coordination among our technology partners for complex governance projects. He develops insights for how we can use technology to take on new opportunities, overcome challenges, and avoid pitfalls in our work.

Mohammed is an experienced public sector consultant, specializing in information technology and public-private partnerships. After starting his career at the Engineering and Internal Audit Divisions at Goldman Sachs, he moved to Nigeria where he became a trusted advisor within and outside of government. Mohammed primarily worked with Abuja Investments on numerous public-private collaborations, including developing the Real Estate Investment Trust and pioneering the creation of a state-owned web portal. He has also consulted for the Nigerian Communications Commission, Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission, Nigerian Television Authority, Universal Service Provision Fund, and the Niger Delta Amnesty Program.

Mohammed is equally a successful entrepreneur, having founded two companies in Nigeria and leading two other startups as a Chief Technology Officer. Straddling the tech and logistics sectors, his first startup has now become the pioneer logistics partner for Jumia in Northern Nigeria.

Hailing from Berkeley, California, Mohammed is a graduate of Emory University. He speaks Hausa and three dialects of American English. He also has over 10 IT certifications and is an Associate Fellow of the Nigeria Leadership Initiative.

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