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Panthea Lee Featured in Tech President

“Is open government working?” Panthea Lee asks in her latest post for Tech President’s Back Channel. To answer that question, “we need to move beyond measuring outputs and toward understanding experiences.”

Panthea Lee in The Atlantic

“Following Pakistan’s May 11 general elections, the first in which political parties were allowed to field candidates in the region, residents across FATA face severe constraints accessing reliable information on the issues and events that most affect their lives,” Panthea Lee writes in this piece on information and empowerment in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

Jennifer Thibault Featured in Wakefield

Jennifer Thibault was featured in Wakefield Design Story “Swell Morocco” where she discussed the process behind logo craft and her design for an elementary school in Morocco.

Welcome to Vicki Sotiros!

We’re very excited to have Vicki Sotiros join our growing family. Vicki will support Reboot’s communications, contributing to editorial, social media, and outreach. She comes to Reboot from a diverse background spanning public relations, graphic design, and design research. We’re thrilled to have her!

Personal Democracy Forum Picks Reboot

We’re thrilled to announce that Kate Krontiris will be joining TurboVote‘s Katy Peters on the PDF main stage during the 2013 conference on June 6-7. They’ll be talking about how to reform voting from the ground up through the 8,000 local offices that administer elections in the US.

Tech President Talks Reboot and TurboVote

Tech President wrote about TurboVote’s journey with Reboot to help change the future of voting in America. “Out of that research is going to come the specifics of the tool that we’re going to build for election,” TurboVote’s Seth Flaxman says of Reboot’s work with his organization.

Patrick Ainslie Interviewed by Caixin

Patrick Ainslie was featured on Caixin’s podcast this week. Titled “The Underground World of Migrant Remittances“, he discussed opportunities for inclusive financial services targeting China’s migrant workers.

Ethan Wilkes & Mollie Ruskin Present at General Assembly

Mollie Ruskin and Ethan Wilkes will be at General Assembly this evening. They’ll be teaching a class on how design research can be used to address social challenges as part of a General Assembly business course.

Ethan Wilkes at Robin Hood Foundation

Ethan Wilkes is joining Robin Hood Foundation’s Innovation Workshop today. The Robin Hood Foundation is bringing together a group of grantees with the best and brightest to explore how mobile technology, open data and the social web can help fight poverty in New York City.

Ethan Wilkes at Columbia Business School

Ethan Wilkes is speaking at Columbia Business School‘s annual “China Business Conference” today. He’ll be joining a panel to discuss social media’s role in modern Chinese society.

Welcome to Dave Algoso!

We are thrilled to welcome Dave Algoso to the family as Reboot’s new Director of Programs. Dave comes to Reboot from a distinguished career as an international development practitioner with Mercy Corps. At Reboot, he has the humble mission of bringing complex, multi-stakeholder governance and development programs into reality. We can’t wait for him to dive in!

Patrick Ainslie Interviewed by Moncole

Patrick Ainslie was featured on Monocle’s “Entrepreneurs” radio show today, where he discussed opportunities for inclusive financial services targeting China’s migrant workers.

Ethan Wilkes in The Atlantic

We’re excited to see Ethan Wilkes‘s article on gao li dai, or informal high interest loans, in rural China picked up by The Atlantic!

Panthea Lee Featured in Tech President

“Open government” is supposed to be transformative. But how will we know it when we see it? Panthea Lee explains in Tech President that understanding the impact of open gov initiatives will require a transformative approach to evaluation as well.

Ethan Wilkes in Tea Leaf Nation

In rural China, “high interest loans are part of an informal economy that has grown out of a lack of viable alternatives,” Ethan Wilkes writes in Tea Leaf NationThe article is an excerpt from Reboot’s recently released Embracing Informality: Designing Financial Services for China’s Marginalized

Ethan Wilkes Attends Citizen Voices

Ethan Wilkes is attending the World Bank’s Citizen Voices conference today in Washington DC. The conference focuses on how citizen engagement can strengthen policy making and service delivery in development. Check out the event at World Bank Live or follow updates at #EngageVoices on Twitter.

Kate Krontiris Hosts Panel at DML2013

Kate Krontiris will be speaking at the Digital Media and Learning Conference in Chicago tomorrow. DML2013 is organized around the theme “Democratic Futures: Mobilizing Voices, and Remixing Youth Participation.” Kate will be hosting one panel titled Tackling the Long Tail Problem of Youth Civic Engagement and participating on another called Government By and For Digital Natives.

Welcome to Dane Roth & Samantha Hammer!

We’re incredibly excited to welcome Samantha Hammer and Dane Roth to the Reboot family! As Research Manager, Sammantha will be Reboot’s research process guru, seeing our projects through from start to finish. Dane comes to Reboot on the heels of studying Chinese graffiti culture and will be supporting programmatic work across a range of domestic and international project as Programs Intern.

Patrick Ainslie in Huffington Post

“Two years ago, Xu Hanping and Gao Jianjun arrived in Shijiazhuang with the clothes on their back and a mission: find a laoban,Patrick Ainslie writes in The Huffington Post.