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New Book on Children's Rights in Nicaragua

Reboot is pleased to present the launch of A Promise to Every Child: Developing a Regional Policy for Children in Nicaragua’s Northern Atlantic Autonomous Region. With this latest project, we explored how to operationalize empathy in the policymaking process. Working with UNICEF, our goal was to equip officials in Nicaragua’s North Atlantic Autonomous Region with the tools and perspectives to engage their own communities toward the creation of a children’s rights policy.

Welcome to Adam Parker & Kristen Malone!

We are delighted to welcome Kristen Malone and Adam Parker to our growing team. Kristen is Reboot’s finance czar, charged with advancing our financial and administrative systems as our business grows. Adam joins the creative team as design wizard, bringing new talent to crafting all our visual materials.

Reboot Hosts Event at Centre for Social Innovation

The final stop on this week’s empathy talk shop, we’re hosting Putting People First: Enabling Empathy in Policymaking at the Centre for Social Innovation tonight. Joined by a select group of practitioners, policymakers, and thought leaders, we’ll explore the potential of greater uses of empathy in policymaking in the context of international development.

Ethan Wilkes & Zack Brisson at UNICEF

Ethan Wilkes and Zack Brisson are continuing Reboot’s talk shop on operationalizing empathy today at UNICEF with Natalia Adler and Rafael Villa. For this event, they’ll explore empathy as a tenet of social innovation in development through recent work in Nicaragua.

Ethan Wilkes & Zack Brisson at IADB

Ethan Wilkes and Zack Brisson are kicking off an “operationalizing empathy” talk shop tour today at the Inter-American Development Bank. Joined by UNICEF Nicaragua’s Chief of Social Policy Natalia Adler and P-Lab Principal Rafael Villa, they’ll be discussing recent work on developing a framework for children’s rights policy in Nicaragua’s North Atlantic Autonomous Region.

Dave Algoso & Ethan Wilkes at Centre for Social Innovation

Dave Algoso and Ethan Wilkes will be attending New York Social Good tonight, a new event series from Be Social Change and the Centre for Social Innovation that features both for- and nonprofit organizations trying to tackle the world’s toughest social and environmental challenges. Dave will be presenting Reboot’s experience of navigating complexity in the Niger Delta to help deliver better public services.

Ethan Wilkes & Samantha Hammer Present at Purpose

Samantha Hammer and Ethan Wilkes visited Purpose yesterday to deliver a talk on Reboot’s people-centered approach to change making. We were excited to engage in a fruitful discussion about seeding citizen agency to create social change, and we look forward to future opportunities for conversation and collaboration!

Ethan Wilkes at CROWDFUNDx NYC

Ethan Wilkes is at CROWDFUNDx NYC today. The conference is aimed at building awareness around crowdfunding and the benefits it can offer businesses and social entrepreneurs in the future.

Panthea Lee at Aspen Institute Roundtable on Information Technology

We are thrilled to see Panthea Lee at the 22nd Annual Aspen Institute Roundtable. Beginning yesterday morning, the roundtable examines emerging information technologies and their relationship with societies including required new leadership roles.

Panthea Lee Attends FOCAS 2013

We are excited to announce that Panthea Lee is attending this year’s 2013 Forum on Communications and Society on July 10-13. Hosted by the Aspen Institute, the forum focuses on how to connect citizens with their government.

Panthea Lee & Zack Brisson Present at USAID

Panthea Lee and Zack Brisson are in Washington, D.C. today to deliver a talk on “catalyzing impact” at USAID. Focused on the topic of institutional investment, they are discussing how different funding models are evolving and being used to accelerate development.

Happy July 4th from Reboot!

Before checking out the fireworks, check out this awesome report on civic engagement designed by Mollie Ruskin. Produced for the Bus Federation to document the organization’s impressive feats during the 2012 election cycle, you can find the report in a lovely web-friendly format or a downloadable PDF (both courtesy of Mollie).

Kate Krontiris Featured in Politico

“Voting should fit the way we live” Kate Kronitiris explains in her latest piece featured in Politico. In a push to modernize the mechanics of American democracy, Kate talks about how local elections systems provide the best insight.

Mollie Ruskin Named Presidential Innovation Fellow!

We are thrilled, excited, honored, and humbled to have among our ranks a Presidential Innovation Fellow! Congratulations to Mollie Ruskin, our tremendously talented creative lead, for scoring this tremendously impressive feat! We couldn’t be happier for you.

Jennifer Thibault Attends NYWSE Dinner

Jennifer Thibault is attending tonight’s NYWSE “How She Does It” dinner. The event  is an evening of female empowerment and social entrepreneurship featuring speaker Beth Ferguson, Founder of Sol of Design Lab.


Panthea Lee at Pop Tech's "The City Resilient"

Panthea Lee is at PopTech‘s “The City Resilient” today. Come say hi if you’re there! The conference is a unique look at urban infrastructure and adaptability.

Welcome to Angela Ogbu & Nonso Jideofor!

We’re delighted to welcome two new additions to our growing Nigeria team, Angela Ogbu and Nonso Jideofor. Angela joins Reboot from an impressive background in research and social policy with the World Bank and British Council, among others. Nonso brings a history of entrepreneurship and a similarly impressive background in project management for clients like the World Bank and the Niger Delta Development Commission. Both Angela and Nonso will be exploring community power dynamics, institutional relationships, and community governance.

Reboot's PDF13 Talk Featured in Tech President

Tech President recaps our Reimagining Elections speech delivered by Kate Krontiris and TurboVote’s Katy Peters at last week’s PDF13.

New Brief on Elections Administration in USA

In the run up to Kate Krontiris’s talk at PDF 2013, we’re excited to release our new brief “Reimagining Elections Administration”. The brief details the findings of our six city tour of elections offices across the US with TurboVote exploring how to modernize the mechanics of American democracy. Learn more about the project here.

Panthea Lee & Zack Brisson Listed on the PID100

Representing 100 individuals and teams working at the intersection of design and service globally, Zach Brisson and Panthea Lee were listed on the Public Interest Design 100 list.