Reboot helps communities expand our collective imagination, find common cause, and craft a world rooted in care.

Since 2010, we have worked alongside community leaders, artists, activists, and researchers in over 40 countries to champion visions of a more just, caring, and equitable world. We also partner with leading institutions—in the government, non-profit, corporate, and philanthropy sectors—to align efforts, co-create policies, and launch programs that center these visions for systemic change.

We believe in a future that honors the dignity and joy of all, and we help diverse communities come together to shape it together. 

Our principles.

  • We believe that everyone has a unique and meaningful role to play in transforming our world.
  • We center the voices and aspirations of those who have been historically marginalized, and find authentic and nourishing ways to elevate their perspectives.
  • We harness diverse forms of power—cultural, spiritual, political, economic—to create change, and we speak truth to unjust or corrupt power.
  • We bring a point-of-view to how we facilitate dialogues and mediate debates, as “neutral” facilitation simply sustains a toxic status quo.
  • We believe in true reform and champion innovation—but we call out when such efforts simply drive cosmetic change.
  • We believe methods should be interrogated and updated because systems-change too often ignores its colonial and white supremacist roots.
  • We celebrate our excellence in our craft, and recognize we have so much more to learn. We commit to proactively growing and unlearning every day.
  • We reckon with history in our work, to acknowledge historical harms and seek to address their impacts in how we reimagine and redesign anew.
Transformative change comes from diverse communities coming together to challenge narratives of division and hopelessness.

Our history.

Reboot was founded in 2010 on the belief that all people, especially those that have been historically oppressed and marginalized, deserve a meaningful say in shaping our world.

In our early days, drawing from practices in ethnography and design, we worked with leading development and humanitarian agencies to deliver programs and services for the world’s most vulnerable.

Over time, recognizing that complex challenges required interdisciplinarity, we shifted our focus to supporting coalitions and multi-stakeholder initiatives wrestling with the thorniest challenges of our times, from protecting human rights, to advancing participatory governance, to decolonizing knowledge production.

Today, while we continue to work across issues and geographies, we have come to see that deep, transformative change will only come from diverse communities uniting to challenge narratives of division and hopelessness, to celebrate the humanity and wisdom in one another, and to co-create the world that we all deserve. Through research, advisory, and co-creation, we are proud to support our partners in imagining, embodying, and creating transformative change.

We are currently focused on fostering equity-centered democratic evolution, deepening mutual understanding and care, and expanding our civic imagination.

We are curious, humble, restless, and undaunted.

Our team.