Driving Transformative Collaboration: A Reboot Masterclass Series

Now more than ever, governments, civil society, companies, and communities are being called upon to find new ways of working together to tackle the problems facing our world. But the uncertainties and anxieties surrounding COVID-19 have compounded the inherent challenges of cross-sector collaboration.

The difficult work of building trust among new collaborators, defining a shared agenda from diverse perspectives, and coordinating efforts between vastly different types of players—from the hyperlocal, grassroots groups to distributed, international agencies—can seem even more challenging today. And yet, it is also more necessary than ever.

While the urgency of the pandemic might lead us to scramble for quick-fixes and blanket solutions, the real opportunity lies in the balance between responding effectively to the pressing challenges of today, and laying the foundation for more just, equitable societies into the future.

COVID-19 demands that we build diverse coalitions to advance effective response efforts. These efforts must draw on the radical imaginations of our artists, the moral courage of our activists, the innovation of community organizers, the agenda-setting influence of our media, the values of our civil society leaders, the infrastructure of the private sector, and the reach of our public institutions.

To support those working to build and lead transformative collaborations, Reboot is offering a three-part masterclass on:

Reboot has designed and facilitated radical collaborations in over 40 countries. We have supported diverse communities to stand up new global initiatives to advance participatory democracy, protect human rights defenders, strengthen independent media, and ensure government accountability.

We are excited to share our approaches and practical, time-tested tips on how to create strong, effective coalitions—including actors that may be historical opponents—to tackle urgent problems together.

Join the Conversation

Below we have shared the full recordings and slide decks from each of the Masterclass sessions. We hope you find these to be a useful resource and share with allies and colleagues who are interested in leading effective collaborations and co-creation efforts. Don’t forget to join the conversation online by using the hashtag #RadicalCollab and tagging @theReboot on Twitter!

Designing Collaborations for Urgent, Courageous Change

Session #1 Slide Deck Presentation


Aligning on Priorities When Everything is Important

Session #2 Slide Deck Presentation


Steering Diverse Partners Toward Action

Session #3 Slide Deck Presentation


Get Inspired

Throughout the series we referenced some of the projects and people who have inspired us and informed our own vision for social transformation.

“The Pandemic is a Portal” by Arundhati Roy

Report to the City by Monument Lab

Antionette Carroll of Creative Reaction Lab

Adam Kahane of Reos Partners 

Futher reading.