Lessons from Five Years of Reboot

A New Podcast on “Entryism,” Design, and the Reboot Story from Co-Founder Panthea Lee

From 140 characters to project reports, how we frame and explain our work is an iterative process at Reboot. Our communications team has always wished that we could bottle the nuanced wisdom from our founders. Thankfully, someone finally did that for us. Stephen Ladek, founder of International Solutions Group, interviewed Panthea Lee for his Terms of Reference podcast last fall.

Over 30 minutes, their conversation unpacks how we work towards our big founding vision. Some highlights:

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration and know-how on working to change the way governments and major development institutions approach their work, listen here.

Congratulations to Stephen on the 100th episode of Terms of Reference! We’re looking forward to following the podcast’s new focus on thought leaders at the forefront of innovation in development and humanitarian aid.


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