Welcome to Kate Krontiris

It’s been a great year for the growth of our movement towards a more human approach to governance. We been lucky. The last year has brought collaborations with some incredibly and talented colleagues. Time and again we’ve been inspired by the passion we experience among those working to deliver on the promise of tomorrow.

We consider ourselves the most lucky, when we can welcome someone new into the Reboot family. Which is why I feel so lucky today to announce the arrival of a new Principal to join our senior management team.

Kate Krontiris will Reboot’s US-based client engagements, and will also help curate a public conversation about the interconnections of ethnography, design, technology, and policy. As we continue to grow as an organization, Kate will aslo help ensure our unique internal culture scales appropriately.

Prior to joining us, Kate built a portfolio of work around judicial innovation at Google Ideas, a think/do tank that explores the role that technology can play in tackling some of the toughest human challenges. In 2010, she led a team of US Department of State and NGO professionals to develop the concept of “mobile justice,” using connection technologies to link survivors of sexual violence to judicial systems. Kate has extensive experience in mediation and problem-solving justice, and spent several years working in schools, community centers and courts with the Center for Court Innovation. Her work has been featured in the Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy, the Huffington Post, and on Change.org.

Kate has a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. She is also an alumna of AmeriCorps National Service Program. Her musings on digital beauty, current events, and the whimsy of art and life can be found at katekrontiris.tumblr.com.

Kate has worked with and advised Reboot as an Associate since our inception. Most recently, she co-authored “Tunisia: From Revolutions to Institutions,” Reboot’s World Bank publication on the role of technology in Tunisia’s current context. Our entire team is thrilled to now have full-time access to her intellect and energy. Welcome Kate!

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